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All  applicants must be based in the U.K.

We only consider applications from anyone aged 18 or over

You most send 6 recent images with your application, via email (recent being within the last 6 months)

Video links are required for performer applications

All models must have a portfolio

If you are sponsored/published any evidence of sponsorship or publication should also be sent.

As part of the application process RMM will also check references

All Rogue models, performers, photographers and MUA's are SELF EMPLOYED and therefore responsible for ensuring they have the necessary insurance such as PLI.

Proof of PLI will be required for Professional Performers

Risk assessments will be required for performers such as fire and aerial

Models with Portfolios can apply here.

Performers can apply here

Photographers and MUA's can apply here.

If you are brand new to modelling and would like advice on starting a portfolio click here.